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Residential Solar Panel Installation Since 2016​

Expert residential solar panel installation tailored for your home. Trust Ridgeline Power Solutions for reliable, energy-efficient solutions since 2016.

Ridgeline Power Solutions - Residential Solar Panel Installation ​​

We offer Residential Solar Panel Installation in Edmonton, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Westlock, Athabasca and across northern Alberta.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

The Best in Residential Solar Panels

Selecting the right solar provider is crucial; it ensures your installation is handled with expertise and attention to detail. Ridgeline Power Solutions embodies this with a heritage of quality, a suite of solar solutions tailored for Edmonton, and a commitment to elevating your home’s energy efficiency with the best solar technology available.

Home with solar panels in Edmonton

Seamless Solar Panel Installation

Transition to solar energy with ease, guided by Ridgeline Power Solutions’ streamlined installation process. From the initial assessment to the final switch-on, our team ensures each step is clear, efficient, and crafted to provide you with the optimal solar setup for your Edmonton home.

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Why Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions

Since 2016, Ridgeline Power Solutions has been providing top-tier solar panel installation services, delivering certified, experienced solutions with a steadfast commitment to excellence in every project.


Deep, extensive knowledge in solar technology.


Unwavering high standards in products and services.


Strong focus on eco-friendly energy solutions.


Advanced, cutting-edge technology and methods.


Consistently dependable and trustworthy service.


Cost-effective, energy-saving approaches.


Earned trust through proven integrity.


Strict compliance with industry certifications.

Residential Solar System

Enhance your home with our expert solar panel installation services. Ridgeline’s solar panel installations are tailored for maximum savings and designed to meet unique energy needs, ensuring top-quality solar panel installation for every homeowner.

Commercial Solar System

Transform your business with Ridgeline’s commercial solar panel installations. As your trusted partner, we provide sustainable energy solutions that power your operations efficiently, ensuring that each solar panel installation maximizes your investment.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your solar panel installation with Ridgeline’s real-time solar panel tracking services. Our systems ensure optimal performance and effective energy management, making every solar panel installation a smart, data-driven investment.

EV Chargers

Get equipped with Ridgeline’s reliable EV charger installation services, complementing our solar panel installation expertise. We provide fast and convenient charging solutions for your vehicle, backed by the robust support of our solar panel installation team.

Alberta's Solar Advantage

Alberta’s generous sunshine and supportive solar policies combine to create an ideal setting for residential solar power systems. By embracing solar, Edmonton homeowners tap into a renewable resource that reduces utility bills and secures energy independence.  Ridgeline Power Solutions is your partner in navigating the landscape of solar incentives to maximize your investment.

Residential Solar Panels in Edmonton

Investing in Solar: Costs and Financing

Investing in solar energy is more accessible than ever with Ridgeline Power Solutions’ affordable pricing and flexible financing options. Our transparent cost breakdowns and guidance on financial incentives make it simple for Edmonton families to make the switch to solar, ensuring an eco-friendly home is within reach.

Photovoltaic power plant installation on the roof of a residential building on sunny day

Ridgeline did an incredible job on my solar array! Drew and his team did a great job of explaining the whole process, communicated well the entire project, and most importantly, had a clean and professional installation that looks great and performs awesome.

We have had the pleasure of using Ridgeline Power for our solar panel install. From first contact to finish we have had nothing but great things for this crew.

Installed our 24 panels in 2 days and we were up and running. Installed a power monitor (sense) so I can see consumption and where my electricity is being used. I have no reservations recommending RIDGELINE Power Solutions for all your solar needs

Understanding Solar Technology

Dive into the high-tech world of solar energy with our straightforward explanations. Ridgeline Power Solutions demystifies how solar panels harvest Edmonton’s sunlight to power your home, combining advanced technology with user-friendly energy monitoring for a hands-on energy experience.

Energy monitoring

Is Your Home Solar-Ready?

Every Edmonton home has unique solar potential, and Ridgeline Power Solutions’ expert assessment identifies how your home can best harness solar energy. Our evaluations consider roof orientation, shading, and local climate factors to ensure your solar panels operate at peak efficiency.

Solar panels on the roof of a house

Quality Solar Products, Assured Warranties

Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions for high-caliber solar panels backed by solid warranties that protect your Edmonton home investment. We stand by the durability and performance of our products, giving you confidence in your renewable energy journey.

Installing Solar Panels in Edmonton

Solar Panels Simplified: Your Questions Answered

Have questions about going solar in Edmonton? Ridgeline Power Solutions provides clear, concise answers to all your solar queries. From system capabilities to maintenance needs, we ensure you’re informed and ready for a smooth transition to solar power.

The cost to install solar panels can vary widely depending on the size of your system and your home's energy needs. In Edmonton, you can expect a range from approximately $12,000 to $25,000 for a typical residential solar panel installation. At Ridgeline Power Solutions, we provide tailored quotes to match your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.

The number of solar panels needed to power a home in Edmonton depends on several factors, including your household's energy consumption and the efficiency of the panels you choose. On average, a home may need anywhere from 14 to 28 solar panels to cover its energy needs. Ridgeline Power Solutions can conduct a detailed assessment to determine the exact number for your home.

Absolutely, solar is worth it in Alberta. With the province's abundant sunlight and potential for energy savings, homeowners can find solar power to be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly investment. Additionally, the satisfaction of energy independence and contributing to a greener future adds to the worth of solar in Alberta.

The amount of solar you need in Alberta will depend on your energy usage and the solar potential of your home. A typical Alberta household might require a solar PV system ranging from 5kW to 10kW to offset the majority of its electricity usage. Ridgeline Power Solutions offers personalized consultations to help you determine the precise solar capacity needed for your home.

Installing solar panels in Alberta typically costs between $2.00 to $2.75 per watt, which translates to an overall investment of around $12,000 to $25,000 for a standard residential system. Costs can be offset by provincial incentives, and Ridgeline Power Solutions ensures you receive the best possible value for your solar installation.

In Alberta, solar panels can pay for themselves in approximately 10 to 15 years, depending on the size of the installation, the cost of electricity, and the specific solar incentives available. With long-lasting panels and a strong solar resource, Edmonton homeowners can enjoy significant savings over the lifespan of their solar panel system.

Getting solar panels for your home involves consulting with solar experts like Ridgeline Power Solutions to assess your energy needs, designing a system that fits your roof and budget, and installing the panels. We handle all aspects of the process, from initial assessment and securing permits to professional installation and aftercare.

Solar panels work for your home by converting sunlight into electricity. This process, known as the photovoltaic effect, involves solar cells capturing solar radiation and producing direct current (DC) energy, which is then converted to alternating current (AC) energy by an inverter, powering your home with clean energy.

For a 1,000 sq ft home in Edmonton, the number of solar panels needed will depend on the home's specific energy usage and the efficiency of the solar panels. As a rough estimate, you might need a 4kW to 6kW solar PV system, which equates to about 10 to 15 panels. For an accurate count, Ridgeline Power Solutions can perform a detailed energy assessment.

A 1500 sq ft home typically requires a larger solar PV system than a 1000 sq ft home due to potentially higher energy needs. You may need between 15 to 20 solar panels, depending on energy usage and panel efficiency. Ridgeline Power Solutions can provide a precise evaluation to determine the right number for your home.

The average home in Edmonton, considering the typical energy consumption, might need a solar PV system around 7kW to 10kW, which is about 20 to 28 solar panels. This number can vary, so it's best to have Ridgeline Power Solutions assess your home's specific energy needs for a customized solar solution.

Solar panels offer numerous benefits for your home, including lowering your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint, increasing your property value, and providing energy security. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance and can take advantage of Alberta's sunny climate to produce clean energy for decades, making them a smart and sustainable home improvement.


Start Your Solar Transition Today

Join the Ridgeline Power Solutions family of satisfied homeowners enjoying the benefits of solar energy. Begin your journey towards a sustainable future in Edmonton with our expert team ready to make your solar transition seamless and rewarding.

Residential Solar Panels
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