Ridgeline Power Solutions Services

Ridgeline Power Solutions Services

Our philosophy is to get our customers the highest return on their investment without sacrificing quality, durability, or the environment.

Residential Solar

Why rent your electricity? Solar will give you a great return on your investment and is a reliable way to reduce your emissions.
Alberta has some of the best solar potentials in Canada providing a consistent source of solar energy for your home. Let Ridgeline help you to offset up to 100% of your current electricity bill. And addition, your contribution will make a difference towards fighting climate change for future generations.

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Commercial Solar

Solar power makes good business sense and will drastically reduce your monthly
electricity bills. Whether you own a commercial, industrial, agricultural or institutional
building as the price of electricity goes up over time, so will your savings. As well excess electricity produced is exported to the grid for a credit against future electricity use.

Solar panels can pay for themselves in as little as 1/3 their useful life, leaving you with decades of profitability.  Take advantage of commercial tax incentives today and turn unused roof space into profit!

Off-Grid Solar

Whether it’s an off grid cabin, a remote work site, or a need for back up power we have a solution for that! We can design and install a system that meets all your needs rain, shing or snow.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Let our certified Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) technicians install your vehicle charger today.

Ridgeline Power Solutions is a full service electrical contractor, our services include:

  • Panel upgrades
  • HVAC installations
  • Maintenaince
  • Energy Monitoring
  • LED Retrofits and lighting
Ridgeline Power Solutions