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Edmonton Solar Panel Installers Since 2016

As one of Edmonton’s leading solar panel installers, we want to help people learn how to spend less money and keep their bills low by using solar energy and smart technology in new and old buildings.

Solar Panels for Home

Transform your home with efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions, tailored to meet your unique energy needs.

Commercial Solar Panels

Power your business sustainably with our custom solar installations designed to reduce operating costs and enhance your green footprint.

Energy Monitoring

Keep track of your solar investment with our advanced monitoring systems, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Edmonton Solar Experts Committed to Quality and Sustainability

Established in 2016, Ridgeline has constructed and managed over 8 MW of projects for a variety of commercial, residential, and utility customers. Our transparent approach to working with customers allows us to deliver high value projects in a consistent and creative manner.

We enjoy what we do and want to make sure that every customer gets a solar array that looks as good as it operates! All of our projects are backed by our standard 5 year comprehensive warranty.

Ridgeline Power Solutions is dedicated to reducing your building’s energy footprint and saving you money in Edmonton. Discover our approach to doing it right today!

Sunset over solar panels

“Fantastic solar panel installation by Ridgeline Power! Excellent service, best price, and a great team. Highly recommend!”

Jay Kapicki

Why Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions

Since 2016, Ridgeline Power Solutions has been delivering certified, experienced solar energy solutions with a commitment to excellence.


Deep, extensive knowledge in solar technology.


Unwavering high standards in products and services.


Strong focus on eco-friendly energy solutions.


Advanced, cutting-edge technology and methods.


Consistently dependable and trustworthy service.


Cost-effective, energy-saving approaches.


Earned trust through proven integrity.


Strict compliance with industry certifications.

Residential Solar

Elevate your home with Ridgeline’s solar panel installations, tailored for Edmonton’s unique energy needs and designed for maximum savings.

Commercial Solar

Transform your business with Ridgeline’s commercial solar solutions, offering sustainable energy to power your operations efficiently.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your solar panel investment with Ridgeline’s real-time tracking, ensuring optimal performance and energy management.

EV Chargers

Get equipped with Ridgeline’s reliable EV charger installation services, providing fast and convenient charging solutions for your vehicle.

Leaders in Solar Solutions

Ridgeline Power Solutions is at the forefront of integrating solar energy and energy-efficient technology in Edmonton. Our vision is to empower customers to save money and control expenses by incorporating solar PV into both new and existing buildings. 

With over a decade of experience in Alberta’s renewable industry and a combined 25 years in electrical and project management, our team has the expertise to bring your solar projects to life. As proud members of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA), we boast a team that includes Master Electricians and Alternative Energy Technologists.

Solar Farm

Affordable & Flexible Solar Projects in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Ridgeline Power Solutions offers projects to fit any budget. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and we provide creative and flexible financing options to ensure their project is both affordable and effective.

Our commitment is to treat every building as if it were our own. If we wouldn’t implement a change in our buildings, we won’t suggest it for yours. Trust us to make decisions that are best for you and your budget in Edmonton.

Installing Residential Solar Panels in Edmonton
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