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Power Your Home with Solar Energy by Partnering with Edmonton’s Premier Solar Company, Ridgeline Power Solutions.

Advanced Energy Monitoring with Sense

Embrace full visibility into your solar and home energy use with the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor, offered by Ridgeline Power Solutions. This innovative tool not only tracks your solar production but also provides detailed insights into your home’s energy consumption, enabling you to optimize usage and boost savings. 

Perfect for Edmonton homeowners, Sense empowers you to make informed energy decisions, ensuring your solar system operates at peak efficiency.

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Why Choose Sense for Your Solar System

Sense goes beyond traditional energy monitoring by integrating real-time data on both solar production and household energy consumption. With its intuitive app, you can identify energy hogs, track your solar efficiency, and even monitor your home’s activity while on the go. 

Ridgeline Power Solutions partners with Sense to bring this cutting-edge technology to Edmonton, enhancing the value and performance of your solar investment.

Sense Monitor Features & Benefits

The Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor stands out with its ability to provide granular, real-time data on energy use and solar production. It detects device-level consumption, allowing for precise management of your energy habits. 

Coupled with solar system performance tracking, Sense ensures you’re getting the most out of your solar panels, reducing waste, and saving more on your energy bills.

Why Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions

Since 2016, Ridgeline Power Solutions has been delivering certified, experienced solar energy solutions with a commitment to excellence.


Deep, extensive knowledge in solar technology.


Unwavering high standards in products and services.


Strong focus on eco-friendly energy solutions.


Advanced, cutting-edge technology and methods.


Consistently dependable and trustworthy service.


Cost-effective, energy-saving approaches.


Earned trust through proven integrity.


Strict compliance with industry certifications.

Residential Solar

Elevate your home with Ridgeline’s solar panel installations, tailored for Edmonton’s unique energy needs and designed for maximum savings.

Commercial Solar

Transform your business with Ridgeline’s commercial solar solutions, offering sustainable energy to power your operations efficiently.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor your solar panel investment with Ridgeline’s real-time tracking, ensuring optimal performance and energy management.

EV Chargers

Get equipped with Ridgeline’s reliable EV charger installation services, providing fast and convenient charging solutions for your vehicle.

Integrating Sense with Your Solar System

Incorporating Sense into your solar panel system is a smooth and straightforward process with Ridgeline Power Solutions. Our experts handle the installation and setup, linking Sense directly to your solar panels and electrical panel for comprehensive monitoring. 

Experience the future of home energy management today and take control of your solar energy usage like never before.

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Unlock Savings and Efficiency with Sense

By providing actionable insights into your energy usage and solar production, Sense enables you to identify opportunities for savings and efficiency enhancements. Discover the optimal times to use your solar energy and adjust your consumption habits with data-driven decisions. 

Ridgeline Power Solutions is committed to helping Edmonton homeowners achieve maximum savings and environmental impact through smart energy monitoring.

Residential Solar Panels in Edmonton

The solar power monitoring system installed by Ridgeline Power Solutions has been a revelation. We have real-time insights into our solar usage, and it's made a significant difference in managing our energy costs. For solar solutions in Edmonton, these are the guys to call!

Ridgeline's solar monitoring system has transformed how we interact with our solar panels. The detailed analytics help us make informed decisions to optimize our solar investment. It's a must-have service for solar enthusiasts in Edmonton.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the solar monitoring service from Ridgeline Power Solutions. It’s given us detailed control over our energy production and consumption - an indispensable tool for any solar panel owner in Edmonton!

Your Questions Answered: Sense Energy Monitoring

Have questions about how Sense can transform your solar experience? We’ve compiled essential FAQs to help you understand the full capabilities of the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor and how it integrates with your existing or new solar panel system.

Absolutely, Sense home monitoring is a valuable investment for anyone looking to gain comprehensive insights into their home's energy usage and solar production. It not only helps in maximizing the efficiency of your solar panels but also empowers you to manage your home's energy consumption more effectively, leading to significant savings on your energy bills.

The Sense monitor works by installing directly into your home's electrical panel, where it uses advanced machine learning to identify and track the unique electrical signatures of individual devices and your solar panel output. This allows it to provide real-time data on energy consumption and production, accessible via an intuitive mobile app.

Monitoring your solar system is made easy with the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor. By integrating Sense with your solar installation, you gain real-time visibility into your system's performance, including how much energy your panels are producing and how this energy is being utilized throughout your home.

Energy monitoring refers to the process of tracking and managing the performance of your solar panel system. It involves monitoring the amount of solar energy produced, understanding how this energy is distributed within your home, and identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and savings.

Yes, solar consumption monitoring is definitely worth it. It provides critical insights into your solar system's performance, helping you optimize energy use and increase savings. By understanding your consumption patterns, you can make informed decisions to enhance the overall efficiency of your solar investment.

Yes, the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor comes with a user-friendly app that gives you access to real-time data on your solar panel performance and home energy consumption. The app allows you to monitor your system from anywhere, offering detailed insights and analytics to help you understand and optimize your solar energy use.

With the Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor, you have the power to monitor your own solar panels. The system provides you with all the tools you need to keep an eye on your solar production and energy consumption, giving you full control over your solar energy system. For additional support and expertise, Ridgeline Power Solutions is always ready to assist with monitoring and optimizing your solar panel performance.

Why Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions for Your Sense Monitor

Choose Ridgeline Power Solutions for your Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor to benefit from expert installation, comprehensive support, and the peace of mind that comes with partnering with Edmonton’s solar energy specialists. 

We ensure your Sense monitor is perfectly integrated with your solar system, offering personalized guidance on how to leverage this powerful tool to its fullest potential.

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